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About The ATCCF

Mission Critical TETRA Technology.
TETRA digital trunked mobile radio for voice and data has found acceptance internationally. It’s success has been mainly due to compliance to an open standard of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and users’ needs for reliable, secure enhanced voice and data product & services beyond the capabilities of previous and alternate proprietary technologies. The ETSI TETRA standard received significant input from the various manufacturers and prospective users by way of the original international TETRA Association now known as “The Critical Communication Association” (TCCA).
The Australasian TETRA & Critical Communications Forum (ATCCF) is a local chapter of the TCCA. Along with the TCCA the ATCCF continues to advocate on behalf of mission and business critical stakeholders in respect to TETRA and other standardised mission critical narrowband and broadband wireless communication technologies to ensure standards are established so stakeholder and professional user requirements are adequately addressed.

The TCCA (www.tcca.info) with over 130 member organizations globally has been primarily responsible driving the ETSI TETRA open standard including interoperability compliance testing of manufacturers thereby establishing a multi-vendor ecosystem. The TCCA also participates in the MCPTT interoperability testing of critical Broadband (LTE) with ETSI and 3GPP members.

Critical Broadband (LTE) Technology
Significant TCCA support has been dedicated to global efforts to include mission critical features within the LTE Broadband standards through the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). Internationally the 3GPP consortium is making progress with the releases of standardised mission critical Broadband technology including interoperability testing where the TCCA plays an active role through its Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG). The TCCA and the ATCCF main goal are to drive the development and operation of critical mobile and broadband standards and solutions for public safety and all other critical communications users with a focus on standardised critical broadband and the transition from Narrowband critical technologies into one common 3GPP standard critical broadband solution.

Key Objectives

  • Promote TETRA as open standard digital technology and viable solution to address current and future needs of mission critical radio communications users
  • Support the future transition from Narrowband critical technologies into one common 3GPP standard critical broadband solution
  • Facilitate development of specific voice and data applications for both TETRA and Broadband technologies for the mission critical user
  • Representations to the regulating bodies to secure radio frequency spectrum for TETRA networks and mission critical Broadband
  • Facilitate the exchange of information of TETRA and mission critical Broadband evolutions through active marketing, workshops, exhibitions and industry presentations
  • Represent regional interests in the evolution of the TETRA and other open wireless standards for professional users
  • Support the TCCA internationally

Benefits of Membership

  • The ATCCF provides local input and feedback as to the development of future functionality levels of TETRA and Broadband through the international TCCA and ETSI
  • Allows a path of communication of specific user requirements regarding desirable hardware and software features, and functionality between users and manufacturers
  • Recognition as a vendor or user supporting open standards for TETRA and Broadband products, value added applications, and services meeting professional stakeholder requirements
  • Facilitate information between ATCCF members locally and TCCA members globally
  • Access to the various TCCA worksgroups i.e Broadband Industry Group, Critical Commnications Broadband Group, Transport Group, SCADA Powergrid and Telemetry Group, Radio Spectrum Group, Technical Forum and others (see TCCA website www.tcca.info)

Current Members