About ACCF

The Australasian Critical Communications Forum (ACCF), a chapter of The Critical Communications Association (TCCA)

TCCA https://tcca.info/ leads the global development and promotion of standardised critical communications solution for professional users providing a forum for governments, regulators, manufacturers, vendors, integrators, operators and end users – for any and every stakeholder in the critical communications sector – to discuss, deliver and evolve the market for benefit of all.

Along with the TCCA objectives the Australasian Critical Communications Forum (ACCF), advocates on behalf of mission and business critical stakeholders in the Australasian region in respect to the development and establishment of global non-proprietary mission and business critical LMR and LTE Broadband standards to ensure that stakeholder and professional user requirements are adequately addressed.

The ACCF has some 25 members in Australia and New Zealand whereas TCCA has over 150 member organizations globally comprising of governments, vendors, integrators, telecom operators, and users in transportation, utilities and the resources industries.

Members of TCCA design, manufacture, build, implement, utilise, analyse, promote, develop and deploy critical communications worldwide.

TCCA has a number of Working groups where members contribute their time and efforts – refer https://tcca.info/about-tcca/tcca-working-groups/

TCCA works closely with organisations responsible for the development of open mission and business critical standards for LMR and LTE Broadband such as European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute (ETSI) and the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and has collaborations and MoUs with with various governments and organisations such as VIRVE Finland, UK Home office, FirstNet USA, Public Safety Technology Alliance (USA), South Korean SafeNet, Int’l Governmental Operators Forum (IGOF), Global Certification Forum (GCF), TETRA China Forum, North American TETRA Forum and more. 

TCCA is a long term European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI ) partner, since the beginnings of the TETRA standard more than 25 years ago. Since 2012 TCCA is  a Market Representation Partner (MRP) for critical Broadband communications of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) , a seven years effort together with other stakeholders that catalysed the development & inclusion of Broadband critical communications features in 3GPP standards releases since R12 completed in 2015.


TCCA participates in the MCX Plugtests/interoperability testing of critical Broadband (LTE 4G/5G) with ETSI, 3GPP members and vendors of critical broadband equipment and terminals. Together TCCA, ETSI & 3GPP support, promote & evangelise the benefits of standards-based solutions for critical communications globally. https://www.etsi.org/technologies/mobile-radio  https://www.3gpp.org/about-3gpp/about-3gpp


TETRA TECHNOLOGYTCCA and its members have been primarily responsible driving the ETSI TETRA open standard including interoperability and compliance testing of manufacturers establishing a multi-vendor ecosystem which had its beginnings some 25 years ago. 

TETRA digital voice + data trunked mobile radio standard has found acceptance around the globe and its success is mainly due to compliance to an open standard of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and the users’ needs for advanced, reliable, secure enhanced mission critical digital voice and data product & services beyond the capabilities of previous and alternate proprietary technologies.

The TETRA standard received significant input from the various manufacturers and prospective users by way of the original international TETRA Association now known as “The Critical Communication Association” (TCCA). https://tcca.info/

Underlining the continued widespread implementation and projected market growth and strength of the TETRA technology ETSI (https://www.etsi.org/technologies/mobile-radio) began work in June 2019 on the next generation of TETRA security features. This will ensure the standard remains fully protected into the future against the rising levels of threats from cyber criminals. The enhancements will include additional encryption algorithms designed to resist cryptanalysis into the 2030s and beyond.

DIGITAL MOBILE RADIO (DMR) DMR is a digital open radio standard specified for business critical mobile radio users developed by ETSI and first ratified in 2005. 

The standard is designed to operate within the existing 12.5 kHz channel spacing used in licenced land mobile frequency bands globally and to meet future regulatory requirements for 6.25kHz channel equivalence. DMR provides voice, data and other supplementary services. Refer https://www.etsi.org/technologies/mobile-radio.

In 2005 a group of market leading public mobile radio manufacturers was formed as the DMR Association to support ETSI during the DMR standardisation process. The DMR Association’s Technical Working Group works constantly on the Interoperability process, providing standards certification for manufacturers, the majority of which is at the highest Tier 3 specification. For more information visit https://www.DMRassociation.org

PROJECT 25 (P25 or APCO-25)P25 fills a similar role as TETRA or DMR protocols in mission and business critical radio technologies. Whereas TETRA and DMR were developed by ETSI, P25 is a suite of standards for digital mobile radio communications originally designed for use by public safety organizations in North America with the ability to transfer data as well as voice, allowing for a more natural implementation of encryption or messaging and interoperability with other P25 vendors.

Project 25 was initiated by the U.S Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, or APCO,  the world’s oldest and largest organization of public safety communications professionals. Project 25 concerns the development of a standard for digital radio equipment embracing the public safety-focused features of interoperability, spectrum efficiency, and cost economies. The Telecommunications Industry Association, or TIA, formulates and maintains the TIA-102 series of standards for APCO P25, on behalf of APCO International. http://www.project25.org/

MISSION CRITICAL BROADBAND (LTE/4G/5G) – Significant TCCA support has been dedicated to global efforts to include mission critical features within the LTE Broadband standards through the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

TCCA is a 3GPP Marketing Representation Partner MRP). Internationally the 3GPP consortium is making progress with the releases of standardised mission critical Broadband technology including interoperability testing where the TCCA plays an active role through its Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) and the Broadband Industry group (BIG).  

The TCCA and the ACCF main goals are to drive the development and operation of critical mobile and broadband standards and solutions for public safety and all other critical communications users with a focus on standardised critical broadband and the transition from Narrowband critical technologies into one common 3GPP standard for critical Broadband solutions (LTE/4G and 5G).

Please read White Paper – The impact of 3GPP Critical broadband on the LMR Industry – June 2020  Download White Paper here

Interoperability/MCX Plugtests and CertificationTCCA participates in the MCX Plugtests/interoperability testing events of critical Broadband (LTE 4G/5G) with ETSI and 3GPP members and the Global Certification Forum (GCF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with TCCA in 2018 that pledged to advance developments and certification in areas related to 3GPP mission critical services. The recent (2019) MCX Plugtests event occurred in Kuopio, Finland, in September 2019 that had 117 participants performing 1,800 test cases across more than 200 test sessions. Those sessions tested MCPTT, MCVideo, MCData, floor control, mission-critical bearers handling, multicast and more. Those tests had an overall success rate of 95%.

2020 MXC PlugtestETSI hosted its Fifth Mission Critical Services (MCX) Plugtests event remotely from 21 September to 2 October 2020. The event was originally planned to be a face-to-face event in India but was changed to remote testing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, ETSI Project Manager Saurav Arora said during a webinar sponsored by ETSI and TCCA. The fifth MCX interoperability event will focus specifically on over-the-top (OTT) testing that will be the first MCX Plugtests event to test railway-oriented capabilities. Railway features that will help enable a Future Railway Mobile Communications System (FRMCS) were included in Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 15.The event featured three test streams: mission-critical OTT testing, FRMCS OTT testing and test tools for conformance or audio quality testing.

MISSION CRITICAL OPEN PLATFORM TCCA collaborates with the Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) https://www.mcopenplatform.org/ which is a collaborative project with the financial assistance award 70NANB17H151 from U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology through the Public Safety Innovation Acceleration Program (PSIAP). MCOP aims at facing the challenges of the new MCPTT complex ecosystem through the definition, development and validation of a MCPTT UE Open Platform (MCOP) that identifies neat interfaces between the different technologies in the UEs, reduces the integration efforts and removes the entry barriers.

CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS WORLD (CCW) – CCW events are conferences and exhibitions organised by The Critical Communications Association (TCCA) and MA Exhibitions are the largest and most influential events of its kind in the critical communications sector, a reputation which has been built over the course of its 20-year-plus history. CCW is the global showcase event for the critical communications sector, attracting thousands of attendees on an annual basis uniting mission-critical and business-critical end-users and manufacturers for three days of inspiration, knowledge and connections with updates on cutting-edge products and invaluable networking.

CCW events allows you to meet leading international suppliers, discover, compare and source cutting-edge technology, gain up-to-the-minute policy, insight and intelligence, benefit from real-world case studies and best practice, enjoy three action-packed days of high-level networking, achieve your goals and transform your organisation.

The CCW2022 event was held in June 2022 in Vienna and continued to be overwhelmingly success and once again brought together the global critical communications community to share best practice and new ideas for the benefit of all. CCW2023 will be returning 23 – 25 May 2023, Messukeskus, Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, Finland https://www.critical-communications-world.com

Key Objectives

  • As a regional chapter of TCCA the ACCF promotes global open standards that include digital LMR standards TETRA and DMR, P25 and the 3GPP/ETSI business critical and mission critical Broadband standards ( LTE/4G and 5G), and with viable solutions to address current and future needs of mission critical radio communications users
  • Supports the future transition from Narrowband critical technologies into one common 3GPP standard critical broadband solution
  • Facilitates development of specific voice and data applications for open standard Narrowband and Broadband technologies for the mission critical user
  • Supports representations to the regulating bodies to secure radio frequency spectrum for digital narrowband open standard LMR  networks and mission critical Broadband
  • Facilitates the exchange of information of digital LMR standard TETRA and DMR, P25 and all the 3GPP/ETSI business critical and mission critical Broadband standards ( LTE/4G and 5G) through active marketing, social media, workshops, exhibitions and industry presentations
  • Represents regional interests in the evolution of digital LMR standard TETRA and DMR, P25 and all the 3GPP/ETSI broadband and mission critical BB standards ( LTE/4g and 5G) for professional users supporting TCCA

Benefits of ACCF Membership

  • As a regional chapter of the TCCA the ACCF provides local input and feedback to support global open standards which continues to include digital LMR standards TETRA,  DMR and  P25 and the 3GPP/ETSI business and mission critical Broadband standards ( LTE/4G and 5G) through TCCA, ETSI and 3GPP
  • Allows a path of communication of specific user requirements regarding desirable hardware and software features, and functionality between users and manufacturers
  • Recognition as a vendor or user supporting global open standards that include digital LMR standards TETRA, DMR and P25 and the 3GPP/ETSI business critical and mission critical Broadband standards ( LTE/4Gand 5G) and  value added applications and services meeting professional stakeholder requirements
  • Facilitates information between ACCF members locally and TCCA members globally and organizes local masterclasses, workshops and training for members and those in the industry
  • Participates in regional conferences and exhibitions supporting the LMR and Broadband industry and its vertical markets
  • Access to the various TCCA worksgroups i.e. Broadband Industry Group, Critical Communications Broadband Group, Technical Forum, TETRA Industry Group, Transport Group, SCADA Smartgrid and Telemetry Group, and others (see TCCA website www.tcca.info)

Join us – and help shape the future of critical communications. As a member you will join other like minded organisations globally whose success is dependent upon critical communications – you can help secure that success.