“CCBitesize” Webinars supported by TCCA

Anton Abrahams

23 – 24 June, 2021

Do you use communications technology in a mission or business-critical context? CCBITESIZE – is bringing the latest in critical communications deployments and innovations straight to you.

This series of two-day online conferences will allow you to hear directly from users on their success stories and challenges, and the lessons which can be learned from both.

The Webinars will cover Critical Narrowband and Broadband technologies, the User perspective and what User needs to know and New solutions to optimize critical operations into the Future.

The conferences are curated to give the latest insights to those on the frontline, as well as procurement and commissioning managers in charge of strategic planning.

Optimize your planning and take your operations forward by hearing about the latest initiatives and innovations.

 Webinars scheduled for:

  • 23, 24 June 2021***
  • 15, 16 September 2021
  • 20, 21 October 20212

 ***ACCF participates in the event with presentations focusing on the Australian mining sector as well as rail (both commercial and industrial)

For more info go to https://www.criticalcommunicationsbitesize.com/