Comms Connect Virtual Series – ACCF Session

Comms Connect Virtual Series – ACCF Session

Anton Abrahams

CommsConnect Virtual Conference Series - November 26

Join us at the Comms Connect Virtual Conference Series


Next-Generation land mobile radio systems – How does the industry keep relevant?

10:00am (AEDT) Welcome and opening remarks from the chair

Chris Stevens — Managing Director, CartGIS Pty Ltd

10:10am (AEDT) Digital LMR powering ahead — how & why?

Kevin Graham — Founding Director, Australasian Critical Communications Forum & Managing Director, Global Digital Solutions

10:35am (AEDT) Frequency sharing in TETRA

Simon Riesen — Senior Solutions Manager, DAMM Cellular Systems

10:50am (AEDT) Public Safety Network New Zealand

Neal Richardson — Technical Director, Public Safety Network NZ

11:10am (AEDT) Next-generation land mobile radio systems – how does the industry keep radio relevant

Peter Scarlata — CEO Australasia, Simoco Wireless Solutions

11:25am (AEDT) Project engineering a new radio network – tips and pitfalls

Lawrence McKenna — Principal Engineer (Manager), Cumarsaid

11:45am (AEDT) Panel Q&A

Kevin Graham —ACCF/Global Digital Solutions, Lawrence McKenna — Cumarsaid, Neal Richardson — Public Safety Network
Moderated by Chris Stevens

12:00pm (AEDT) Session Close