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The Australasian TETRA & Critical Communications Forum is dedicated to supporting all stakeholders involved in open standard wireless communications relevant to professional, business and mission critical environments. The ATCCF was established in 2000 and continues to advocate on issues relevant to ensuring professional users have access to multi vendor open standards based wireless technologies and solutions that address the unique and specific requirements of this sector. Needs that increasingly demand secure, resilient and feature rich voice and data services and applications.
Through membership of ATCCF your organizations participation and commitment to these industry endeavours will be recognized. You will also have access to all extensive resources of both the ATCCF, TCCA and TCCA Working Groups and be able to promote your participation directly and indirectly. The ATCCF/TCCA and its members arrange and participate in many conferences & exhibitions locally and internationally and also conduct workshops to enlighten the industry stakeholders on current and future technology standards evolution that translates to innovative commercial products, solutions and services.

The online membership application form can be found below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding membership. If you or your company is involved in critical communications please be part of our Forum and join other well recognized member organizations in contributing to the local industry advocacy and education.

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