Public Safety Network Transformation and Enhanced Situational Awareness

NOKIA webinar on August 5, 2020
11:00 am Singapore, 1:00 pm Sydney, 3:00 pm Auckland

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Nokia webinar will cover the following:
The transformation of Public Safety Networks and the move to Long-Term Evolution (LTE) based broadband have been constant topics for the past several years. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the accelerated adoption of digital solutions across the world, and in the Healthcare sector alone, we are seeing transformation that was previously considered several years away. Mobile Broadband is an essential connectivity layer that is required to enable technological innovations to make our communities safer and more resilient. Many of our First Responder networks still lack access to broadband data services that would dramatically increase their situational awareness of surrounding areas when fighting bush fires or speed up warnings to communities of approaching floods, tsunamis or volcanic eruptions.

Learn how you can build a future-proof and secure mission-critical broadband network, that is standards-based, has a clear path to 5G, and leverages a well-established ecosystem
We will share how early adopter countries such as South Korea’s Safe-Net are progressing with the rollout of their Public Safety LTE network and the lessons learnt that you can leverage in developing your network.
Hear how Nedaa, the Dubai Government security networks provider, is constantly innovating with their vision for the smart ambulance that will allow real-time diagnostic capabilities on route to the hospital
Examples of the latest mobile broadband technology, trials and developments such as private LTE drones networks for tsunami early warning systems Register today to gain access to our Webinar to hear the presentation and join the live Q&A with our presenters. We look forward to connecting with you on 5th of August.
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