DMR Radio Standards

DMR, Digital Mobile Radio, is a digital radio standard specified for business mobile radio users developed by ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and first ratified in 2005.

The standard is designed to operate within the existing 12.5kHz channel spacing used in licenced land mobile frequency bands globally and to meet future regulatory requirements for 6.25kHz channel equivalence. The primary goal is to specify affordable digital systems with low complexity. DMR provides voice, data and other supplementary services. Today, products designed to its specifications are sold in all regions of the world. The standards that define multi-vendor DMR consist of four documents. These can be downloaded free of charge from the ETSI website. (

In 2005 a group of market leading public mobile radio manufacturers formed the DMR Association to support ETSI during the DMR standardisation process. The DMR Association’s Technical Working Group works constantly on the Interoperability process, providing standards certification for manufacturers, the majority of which is at the highest Tier 3 specification. For more information visit