RFI, Syntony-GNSS partner for underground positioning

Tuesday, 07 July, 2020

RFI Technology Solutions is partnering with Syntony-GNSS to address GNSS positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions for the burgeoning underground infrastructure market throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Syntony-GNSS’s patented SubWAVE/SubWAVE+ PNT solution can expand GPS/GNSS/RNSS coverage into road, rail and transport tunnels, enabling accurate location information to be received by standard GPS/GNSS receivers such as those already in smartphones, navigation systems in cars and other road and rail vehicles, and increasingly in communications devices used by emergency services and other sectors for operations and safety.

The system works by broadcasting synthetic, location-specific GPS/GNSS signals through existing or new leaky feeder antenna cables in underground environments.

RFI already provides wireless communications solutions for tunnel and underground communications; the addition of SubWAVE/SubWAVE+ will enable it to supply a complete critical network solution for the emergency services and transport sectors.

“We were very pleased to form a partnership with RFI. Their local knowledge and experience in ANZ, together with their dedicated installation, commissioning and support teams, complement our flexible and world leading solutions,” said Joel Korsakissok, President of Syntony-GNSS.

“We are excited that our local regulatory authorities have recognised similar needs for GNSS rebroadcast within Australia and are consulting with local industry experts,” added RFI CEO Scott Magee.

“We look forward to sharing the joint expertise of RFI and Syntony with our local authorities and our industry partners as they chart a prudent course towards trials that will hopefully lead to licensed solutions for critical underground applications.”

Image credit: ©stock.adobe.com/au/christian yuriel vargas chavarria/EyeEm

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