The big inversion – How 5G+ technologies will create new value for industries in a post-COVID world – a NOKIA White paper

12 January 2021

A new ecosystem of 5G-related technologies will provide the critical tools necessary for all industries to digitalize over the next decade, leading to a massive shift in overall ICT spending from digital industries like e-commerce and finance to physical industries like manufacturing and agriculture. These “5G+” technologies will not only reshape the industrial landscape but grow the global GDP by $8 trillion by 2030.

Executive summary

The COVID-19 crisis has drawn into acute focus the need for digitalization across all industries. Those industries that had previously invested heavily in digital infrastructure have weathered the pandemic far better than the physical industries that have not. To prepare themselves for future pandemics and other shocks to their businesses, physical industries must achieve a similar level of digitalization by adopting technologies closely tied to 5G, known as “5G+”. Bell Labs Consulting, for the first time, defines 5G+ and demonstrates how pervasive 5G networks combined with solutions such as augmented intelligence, edge cloud, private networks and as-a-service business models will generate unprecedented increases in safety, productivity and efficiency in industries as diverse as mining and agriculture, as well as make them much more resilient.

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